Historical records with information of our Italian ancestors

  • Parish and Civil Records
  • Censuses
  • Military Records

Italian Church Records
Parish records were used since long time ago, before the civil records.

The marriage in Italy
From 1861, the Kingdom of Italy refused to give civil validation to parish marriages. .

Civil Records
Information about births, marriages and deaths.

Asking for vital records to towns which disappeared

Batchs Numbers FamilySearch
Index of birth, marriage and deaths of Italian Communes in Family Search

Portale Antenati

FamilySearch Unites with Italian Archive Organization to Digitize Civil Registration Records .

Records of population
We can address to the Anagrafe, asking for information.

The Censimenti are enumerations of the population classified by family units.

The "State of Souls" Census

The State of Souls was a register, where –mostly in Easter time, the priest was visiting every house of the Parish, and recording information from every family

Cadastres allow us to find which our ancestors' properties were.

Military Records

Contain the name of all those young residents in an Italian province in conditions to go to the military service.

Italian soldiers killed in the U.S. during World War II