Fallen Italian soldiers in the First and Second World War

Here is a list of websites with information about fallen Italian soldiers in both World Wars:

Italian soldiers killed in the U.S. during World War II
Italian soldiers killed in the U.S. during World War II

Caduti in Guerra

Banca Dati sulle sepolture dei Caduti in Guerra (Fallen soldiers’s sepulchers database). This database is accessible in the Italian Ministry of Defense and has information about the place of burial of fallen soldiers, in places where Italy was involved in conflicts. The information you could find on there is: first name and last name, date and place of birth, burial location (cemeteries inside and abroad the Italian territory).

Record of First World War soldiers

To obtain information about a relative, or any First World War soldier, is necessary to contact the Italian Ministry of Defense. You can find more information about this topic, and to get forms to be filled, and related mail addresses,


This website gives information about the First World War: pictures, story, and museums, travel guides, etc. Also a located in different places where Italian soldiers were buried, with pictures. and in some cases lists of fallen soldiers. For instance: in the Cemetery of Bligny (France), or in the Cemetery of Josefov (Bohemia). We can also find pictures of the tombs of fallen soldiers of other cemeteries, like the S.Michele al Tagliamento (VE).

Dimenticati di Stato

Dimenticati di Stato (Forgotten by the State) part of a project headed by Roberto Zamboni, Italian researcher involved in the research and repatriation of fallen soldiers buried in cemeteries abroad, who were prisoners of war and subjected to concentration camps. These soldiers are known as i dispersi: those who were forgotten by the state. 
In this website we can find pictures of military cemeteries and partial lists of those buried in the and .

Caduti della Grande Guerra

Albo d'Oro dei Caduti della Grande Guerra (Golden Album of fallen soldiers of the Great War). This website contains a list of fallen soldiers of the First World War, especially soldiers born in the Provinces of Modena, Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia. To find related last names,

Contro Storia

Contro Storia(Fallen soldiers of the Second World War) Database with fallen soldiers of the 1st and 2nd World War. Information and pictures of military cemeteries.

Albo d-Oro (Golden Album)

Fallen soldiers of different wars (especially from the First World War) and a list of soldiers who were awarded with medals and condecorations (World Wars, War of Resurgence, etc).

Gli albi della memoria

In this website we’ll find information about fallen soldiers in Reggio Emilia, from all wars, since1820 to 1945. Also about civilians deported and militaries hospitalized between 1940 and 1945, and the persecuted anti-fascists. 

Fronte Dolomitico (Dolomitic Front)

This website is about the events of the First World War in the Dolomites (mountain range located in the Province of Belluno). Here we can find pictures of that time, stories and several databases:

, around 6200 records of soldiers buried in the sagraries of Pocol and Pian di Salesei.
recent findings of fallen soldiers’ skeletons.