Letters to send Italy for genealogical data

I put on this site some models of letter that I use frequently:

- Note asking for imformation related with Passport Series at the Questura de Napoli

- Note requesting photocopies of the Casellario Politico Centrale (Political Central File)

- Write to Anagrafe requesting a Stato di Famiglia

- Requesting for a Civil Registry Document

- Requesting Parish Records

- Model of letter to request military records



Italian Genealogy sample lettersAlso, I was searching the web and found form letters in Italian to write to Archivi di Stato, Communes and Dioceses requesting information from your ancestors. Here,  I copy these interesting and necessary  links:

Free Italian translations requesting civil records from Italy - I love this blog. There are sample letters and explanations of documents that we can ask Italy.

Italian Letter-Writing Guide - FamilySearch - This guide is for researchers who do not speak Italian but must write to Italy or parts of Switzerland to request genealogical records. It includes a list of sentences you could use in a letter requesting genealogical records and the Italian translation for each of these sentences.

Sample Letter - by Lisa Shea

Form letter to a posible relative

Form letter to a Parish Priest or Archivist

Italian Form Letter Generator - Circolo Calabrese

Italian Genealogy Form Letters to send genealogical inquiries to Italy

Italian Genealogy Letters - David's Italian Form Letters to send to Italy. Courtesy of David E. Zerga we have the following help for Italian Genealogical Research.

Model Letter for Requesting French Genealogy Records


Acces to civil records of metropolitan France, overseas territories and old French colonies

Request of birth certificates

Request of marriage certificates

Request of death certificates