The Town Archives

- Updated:Dec 08, 2016

Almost each Comune has an Archivio Comunale or Archivio Storico Comunale (town archive), generally divided into pre-unitario and post-unitario (before and after unification of Italy) sections.
Some of the Commune Historic Archives have transferred all or nearly all their patrimony to the State corresponding to their province. Since the Archivio comunale (Town Archives) are part of the local municipality, its the address can be found through the town hall.
Many comuni archives keep important resources which are useful for our genealogic searches such as censuses, and lists of recruits, but not all the comuni have catalogued their archives.
In many Italian regions they are developing revalue, recovery and re-inventory projects for the document patrimony the communes archives keep.

These projects are:

Emilia Romagna Region Project:

Lazio Region Project:

Lombardian Region Project:

Piedmont Region Project:

Palermo: Scripta. Archivi storici on-line

Toscana Region Project: )

Trentino Region Project

Umbria Region Project

- The Sistema Informativo Unificato per le Soprintendenze Archivistiche (Unified Information System for the Supervision Agencies) better known as SIUSA, intends to be the primary access node to non state archival documents, both public and private, which are not kept by State Archives. General historical, administrative and archival informations are provided, to allow a better comprehension of the context. Communes of the provinces of Ancona, Enna, Genova, La Spezia,  Pesaro y Urbino,  Pordenone,  Potenza,  Reggio Calabria  Rovigo,  Sardegna, Savona,  Trieste,  Venezia )

Visiting these websites, we may be able to check if there is some information that might be of interest for us.