¿Is there information about the arrival or departure of my Italian ancestor?

Italian Immigrants arrived at portUntil 1900 the most important part of that immigration arrived from North Italy, mainly from the regions of Piedmont, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Since 1900 more than 60% of Italians arrived from South Italy (Meridian Italy or Mezzogiorno, as Italians use to say).

When we research our Italian ancestors, usually we wonder what port our ancestor was departed from, and if some vestige of that departure still remains in some place. This date is quite interesting, because maybe we only have the date of arrival to our country. Before that date we need to investigate in the country of origin; and, later, in the country of residence. Moreover, this is a landmark: all of us wish to know that date, to have a register, a picture of the vessel in which our forebear travelled abroad.


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- by Pablo Briand - When references about the first arrival of an ancestor are not found, families use to transform this fact in "stowaway arrived in a ship".