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- Updated:28 Jan 2015

Italian census from 1700, 1800, 1900 online

Censuses have a long history in Italy, since the Roman Empire. The Censimenti are enumerations of the population classified by family units. They include names and ages of the head of the family, his wife and dependants; profession or work of the family’s head, and birth places of all the family members. 

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We’ll explain you how to get those documents and how they have to be consulted, in several different ways; for example, as microfilms. This is a list of Parish census (stati delle anime = "state of souls") and census made by the civil authority, (population, housing, "censimento") of Italian communes, available for consultation online.

Aquila Aquila, frz. Camarda L
Aquila Cerchio
Aquila Cittareale 1649-1681-1687-1697 L - Images. PDF
Avellino Torre le Nocelle 1691-1900 Restr. Registr.
Catania Acicatena 1560-1941 L - Images
Catania Acireale 1866-1929
Catania Caltagirone 1861-1941
Catania Giarre 1866-1929
Catania Mangano 1560-1941 L - Images
Catania Mascali 1866-1929 L - Images
Catania Militello in Val di Catania 1861-1941 L - Images
Catania Mineo 1861-1941 L - Images
Chieti Torricella Pelligna 1889, 1932 L
Firenze Montelupo Fiorentino 1841, 1871 y 1901 L - Database
Genova Genova, sestiere Maddalena 1781 L - Database
Isernia San Pietro Avellana 1749, 1769, 1852, 1869 L - Database
Lecce Ortelle 1746 L - PDF
Lucca Barga 1659-1701
Lucca Barga 1659-1701
Lucca Barga 1659-1701
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