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Nomi e cognomi - Saggio di ricerche e Storiche etimologiche

(Names and Surnames - Etymologies and an index of surnames)

It is a book written by Angelo Bongioanni in 1928. Bongioanni made a very particular analysis about the origins of Italian surnames. He thinks that the name is always derived from a patronymic (father's name). No matter if the name is a nickname or a profession, it is always a patronymic for Bongioanni.

Bongioani studied countless variations that the proper names have experienced in the popular use of different dialects and the surnames derived. He omits the names whose etymology is evident by considering a too easy and useless work.

Some names are popular and traditional in some regions of Italy, but are unknown in others.Many names have fallen into disuse, but survive in the surnames, mainly the names of Germanic origin.

Bongioani limits its investigation to a few groups of names and to surnames of whose names are derived:

- Names of saints or about a religious significance, used in specific regions, for example: "Chiaffredo" in Saluzzo, "Juvenal" in Fossano, "Oronzo" in Lecce, "Letterio" Messina, "Gavino" in Sardinia, etc.

- Lombard and French names, which survive at least in a last name.

- names derived from poems and novels of the Carolingian or Arthurian cycle

- Italian specific names and specially of Tuscany, which express an omen or a promise as "Benvenuto", "Bonaventura", "Allegra", etc., or refered to the time of birth for example: "Nascinguerra" (born in war) or "Finguerra" (end of the war) and others similar.

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Index of surnames

Ascanio Cagni, Cagno, Scagnetto, Cagnacci, Cagnazzi, Cagnetta, Cagnoni 32 -- 33
Asquino Asquini, Scaini, Saccavini, Scavini 33
Astolfo Astolfi, Stolfi, Astolfone, Bistolfi 33
Attilio Attilio 34 -- 35
Atto, Azzo, Azone, Azzone Adone, Adoni, Atti, Azzi, Azzoni 34
Augusto Augusto 35
Avanzo, Avanzato Avanzato, Davanzati, D'Avanzo, Vanzo, Vanzato, Vanzetti, Vanzini, Banzatti, Avanzini, Avancini, Pancini, Panzini 35 -- 36
Averamo Averame 36
Averardo, Berardo Abrardi, Berardi, Berardo, Beraudi, Beraudo, Peraldo, Peraudo, Perodo, Peradotto, Averoldi, Baraldi, Varaldi, Inverardi, Verardi, Veraldi, Barale, Varale 36
Averolfo Baruffi, Garolfi, Garoffi, Baruffaldi 36

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