Name changes

After the Italian unification and during the first half of the XIX Century, various government decrees ordered the change of the name of some comuni to avoid confusion between homonymous places, in some cases and additional place name for those towns with the same name (e.g. about 13 Italian comuni are called Acquaviva) in other cases, a little variation was added to the name.
The fascism imposed the Italianization of the names of those towns whose name were more similar to a French or German name rather than to an Italian one. After 1945 these places recovered their original names.

This is a list of Italian cities which changed their name over the course of history.

Aias Ayas * Valle d'Aosta
Aimavilla Aymavilles * Valle d'Aosta
Allain Allein * Valle d'Aosta
Alleno Allein * Valle d'Aosta
Antei San Andrea Antey-Saint-Andrč * Valle d'Aosta
Antey la Magdeleine La Magdeleine * Valle d'Aosta
Antey Saint Andrč Antey-Saint-Andrč * Valle d'Aosta
Arnaz Arnad * Valle d'Aosta
Arvič Arvier * Valle d'Aosta
Aymaville Aymavilles * Valle d'Aosta
Biona Bionaz * Valle d'Aosta
Brussone Brusson * Valle d'Aosta
Camosio Chamois * Valle d'Aosta
Campo Laris Champorcher * Valle d'Aosta
Castel Verrčs Verrčs * Valle d'Aosta
Source: ISTAT ( Istituto Nazionale di Statistica.