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Comuni which changed their names - Supressed comuni

It can happen that although we look for information about one Italian comune we may not find anything for two reasons:

      • It is a fraction or a populated centre which depends on a comune for its administration.
      • Maybe the comune or fraction does not exist anymore or changed its name in the various territorial reorganizations that Italy made.

These searching resources may be useful:

Place names in the local language it includes the names of the comuni located in la Padania (north and centre of Italy) according to the dialects spoken in that vast region. It is very interesting and useful because our ancestor may have expressed the name of their place of origin in a dialect, not in Italian.

Comuni soppressi – (Supressed comuni) A list of the comuni which have been suppressed since 1861, in construction, in Wikipedia. -This website includes information about 8100 Italian “comuni. It is a very interesting website because the information for each comune includes the frazioni and other nearby inhabited villages. It is a very friendly-user website which includes a search engine where we can include the name of the comune we are looking for.

Comuni d’Italia This website has a big data base which includes more than 60,000 records corresponding to comuni, frazioni and inhabited villages.

Italia In Detaglio Has a search engine for Italian frazioni.

Italy World Club A website where you will find a list of the Italian comuni and frazioni in alphabetical order.

Comuni Italiani  - It gives details of the Italian provinces. Entering each of them you will be able to find a list of the comuni for that province, useful links, e-mails, maps, parishes, and frazioni included in its jurisdiction among others.

Comuni d'Italia

- is some excellent work carried out by Vittorio D’Emilio on the basis of the ISTAT (Italian Statistics Institute) data and other two publications:
Dizionario dei Comuni del Regno d’Italia, Botta, 1873 and 
Annuario Generale dei Comuni e delle frazioni d’Italia, Touring Club Italiano, 1983
It consists of a list of comuni which changed their names: stating the date in which the name was changed and its original name. It also provides information about the comuni which have been suppressed: when, to which comuni they were annexed or the name of the new comune. Finally, in the case of those comuni which were reorganized, it includes the date.