Italy, the land of our ancestors

- Frazioni (fractions) and Other inhabited centres

- Regions, provinces, circondari and mandamenti

- Changes in the political organization of Italy

- List of renamed cities in Italy

- List of Italian towns - Comuni which changed their names - Supressed comuni 

- Chronology of political division 

Genealogical Research

- Italian Genealogy

- Starting Your Genealogy Research

- Italian-English Translation of Genealogical Terms

- Finding the town of origin of Italian immigrant

- The age of majority in Italy

Parish Records

- Italian Church Records

- How to locate Dioceses and Italian Parishes? Models of letters.

- “Status animarum” or Parish Family Books 

Civil Records

- Civil Registration

- Asking for vital records to towns which disappeared

- The marriage in Italy

- Italian Census Records Online  

- Records of Population: Scheda Anagrafica, Stato di Famiglia

Other Records

- Italian Cadastres with information about landowners 

- Italian Military Records - Lists of Leva and Ruoli Matricolari

- Lists of leva available on line and in LDS microfilm  

Vital Records

- Italian Genealogical Records Online


- Portale della Storia degli Italiani

- Births from 1815 to 1923 in Trentino

- Historical database of Friulian families

Archives in Italy

- The State Archives (in each province)

- The Town Archives

- The Diocesan Historic Archives

- Heritage in diocesan archives of italy 

Italian Surnames

- Geographical distribution of surnames - Italian surnames locator

- Italian coats of arms - Noble Families

- Nomi e cognomi - Saggio di ricerche e Storiche etimologiche, by Angelo Bongioanni.

- The 100 most common Italian surnames

- Italian surnames derived from the name Giovanni (John in English)

- List of Italian surnames

Italian Immigration

- Ships - Search for a ship

- Italian Immigration

- Italian Immigration Destinations

- European Ports of Departure

- The Questura in Italy

- People with Migrating Restrictions - Port of Naples 

- Italian Passengers Lists

- Italian Immigrants who sent money to Italy via the Bank of Naples

- Italian immigration ports of departure

- Italians arrived in New York between 1880 and 1891

- Departure of Italian immigrants from French and English ports

European Immigration 

- European ports of departure for immigrants

- Emigration and Immigration Records

- Ship passenger arrival records 

- The immigration travel route

- Emigration from Spain to Latin America 1500s-1700s 

- German immigrants

- Departure Records - From Europe to America - Departure of emigrants from: