Italian genealogical records online

Currently based in Italy, many associations of genealogists and archivists projects are focused on saving its heritage preserved in Italian parishes, which is in serious danger of deterioration. Thus, many volunteers are taking data from these books and loading them up to the web. There are also another projects such as that of Family Search or Ancestry or projects of Italian state archives. There are also initiatives from individuals, who transcript all births, marriages, deaths, censuses and documents from civil acts conserved in several Italian communes.

Here’s a list of these projects, grouped by Italian regions:

- Abruzzo

- Basilicata

- Calabria

- Campania

- Emilia Romagna

- Friuli-Venezia Giulia

- Lazio

- Liguria

- Lombardia

- Marche

- Molise

- Piemonte

- Puglia

- Sardegna

- Sicilia

- Toscana

- Trentino-Alto Adige

- Umbria

- Valle d'Aosta

- Veneto