What will you find in Italy Gen?

- Updated: 28 Jul 2013

Start your research with: professional genealogic tools, references to all vital records, collection of links, a detailed orientation about Italian archives and a complete guide for your research of Italian ancestors. If you’re trying to restore your family history you’ll enjoy to figure out how that man or that woman were, where they born, how was that town, at what time they immigrated, their reasons for the immigration and other events and facts you are going to discover step by step.

What we need to know about Italian Genealogy? A colleague used to say that genealogy without documents is mythology, and it’s precisely there where our passion is targeted: to discover documents about our ancestors First, we need to get information about the Italian documents where we could find records about our forbears, for instance: Civil Records, parish records, census, military records, titles of property, etc.

Going forward we’ll need to understand how the Italian Archives are organized, especially if we are thinking about a travel to Italy to search for records personally. Every Italian region has suffered particular historical situations, generating their own type of documents.

We are going to analyze every one of them little by little. For a better understanding of these documents, we need to know about the political and social changes on the age our grandparents lived.

And, “you ain’t heard nothing yet”. This is only a part of the amazing story waiting for us.